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Why Bother Joining And Forming a Watch?

Police resources can only do so much and can only be in so many places at one time so it is important for citizens to take some responsibility for their personal and neighbourhood safety. Also, some Canadian police services have started downsizing. ie. Calgary Downsizing and Toronto Downsizing. Midland Police (ON) actually disbanded February 8, 2018. OPP took over for Midland Police but only hired 2/3 of the Midland officers, potentially downsizing the police in that area by 33%.

With fewer police officers responding to crimes, citizens need to do more to help report and solve these crimes. Neighbourhood watch organizes residents into a better mode of communication and ones with cameras can help gather video evidence of perpetrators and suspicious vehicles.

Meta-analysis shows that neighbourhood watch reduces crime by about 16% (Source, see "Summary of the results"). It also aides in an investigation because it informs neighbours with cameras that a crime has occurred and they can check their video for a possible perpetrator or suspicious vehicle, something that likely would not happen without a watch.

It is free and therefore one of the cheapest ways to protect your property and neighbourhood. Automation has made it almost effortless so there is no reason not to sign up and start a neighbourhood watch.

Recognized By Many Organizations

While Neighbourhood Protect is fairly new, being established in 2016, it is starting to be recognized across Canada by police agencies, city councillors and communities as a good tool for neighbourhood watch.

A Canadian insurance organization, Onlia, mentioned Neighbourhood Protect for local safety. Onlia blog article, section Join a neighbourhood watch program

Chatham-Kent Police in Wallaceburg ON find Neighbourhood Protect very helpful in solving local crime. Wallaceburg news article, "Chatham-Kent Special Const. Randi Hull connects the information shared online with the officers in charge of certain investigations."

The community of North Perth has listed Neighbourhood Protect as a neighbourhood watch tool to consider. Community of North Perth, Neighbourhood Watch section.

The town of Wallaceburg has listed Neighbourhood Protect as their official neighbourhood watch tool. Wallaceburg official neighbourhood watch platform. "The immediate focus for Neighbourhood Watch in Wallaceburg is to utilize an online program called Neighbourhood Protect, in order to generate anonymous tips and information about crime and suspicious activity occurring in Wallaceburg."

Wallaceburg councillor Aaron Hall recommends Neighbourhood Protect. "Councillor Aaron Hall is one of the committee members of the Wallaceburg Neighbourhood Watch, and would like to see more people make use of the online Neighbourhood Protect portal."

"'It`s a way to share information in people`s neighbourhoods,' Hall says. 'It`s anonymous as well, so you can go on and provide information, as opposed to being on social media...your name`s not necessarily attached to it but it still has that focus of sharing information and trying to keep your neighbours and your family up to speed on what you`re seeing in terms of crime in the community.'"

Lanark Ontario Provincial Police recognize Neighbourhood Protect as great neighbourhood watch tool. "#LanarkOPP are happy to support the Town of #carletonPlace and in their endeavors to keep our communities safe. Check out the new sign in the Patterson Crescent area of Carleton Place and the website for further info on a watch program in your area."

The neighbourhood of Cabbagetown (Toronto) are members of Neighbourhood Protect.

The Long Branch Neighbourhood Association (Toronto) are members of Neighbourhood Protect. They state, "There is also a site called Neighbourhood Protect that connects with the Toronto Police Service so you can receive and view up-to-date crime reports."

The Carcross/Tagish First Nation (Yukon) document lists Neighbourhood Protect for their Encourage a regional neighbourhood safety collaboration.

Six Nations Police lists Neighbourhood Protect on their website as the neighbourhood watch tool to choose.

North Dundas Ontario Provincial Police mentioned Neighbourhood Protect when responding to questions about crime in the Chesterville area by stating, "The OPP was contacted for comment and issued the following statement: 'The OPP always encourages victims of property crime to report it by calling the non-urgent number 1-888-310-1122, or for emergencies, 911, and never leave valuables in plain view or in a motor vehicle. A community can also initiate a neighbourhood watch program by contacting'".

Voortman Realty lists Neighbourhood Protect on their website regarding neighbourhood safety.

Major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, etc. organically recognize Neighbourhood Protect was one of the most relevant neighbourhood watch tools by placing it at or near the top of these searches.
Neighbourhood Protect trusted by Google as safe.

Where We Are

Select your province, then region and city. A list of neighbourhood watch(es) will appear for each city.

If you find a NW group in your area, consider joining and growing that watch - strength in numbers. If there are no NWs in your area and you would like to improve the security in your neighbourhood, then perhaps start one yourself.





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