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To sign up you need to be referred by a neighbour who is a member. They will then provide you with their ReferredBy code. If you have been referred by a member, use the form below to sign up.

If you have not been referred by a member but wish to start a neighbourhood watch in your area, enter "none" for ReferredBy:

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ReferredBy If you have not been referred by someone, type "none" in this field.

Get an email notification whenever someone enters an event for your neighbourhood.
This will allow the police to identify which residents have cameras if further investigation is required.
Give this code to any neighbour that you wish to refer to this website. This code ensures that only neighbours who know each other can sign up, providing a mild level of security.
This is required to look up the SMS code to convert an email to a text message for your cell phone provider. Each provider has a different code.