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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch (also known as Block Watch) is a program designed to reduce the threat of crime to neighbours and property. This program encourages all residents to be alert to suspicious persons or vehicles and to notify each other quickly via web-based tools. The more people that are members, the more neighbours there are looking out for each other.

Neighbourhood Protect

Neighbourhood Protect is a free web-based administration and communication tool for neighbourhood watches in Canada .

Neighbourhood Protect expands on the idea of neighbourhood watch by joining multiple neighbourhood watches together through one central database. Just as it is beneficial for neighbours to join a neighbourhood watch, it is also beneficial for individual neighbourhood watches to join together to form a larger regional watch since some criminals travel by bike or car and can affect more than one neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Protect requires very little effort on the part of its members; just look out for each other`s property and report a possible crime and let your immediate neighbours know about your neighbourhood watch. There is no patrolling, big canvassing, time consuming meetings etc. This is to make your life safer and easier, not more complicated.

Houses vs Apartments/Condos

House owners would benefit most from neighbhourhood watch. They can install security cameras, share images, and likely other house owners in the area could be affected by the same perpetrator. Apartment/condo residents do not have their own security cameras; that is usually handled by the building management, and they typically do not share video images with tenants. It would be best for building management to join. If you live in a small apartment with outdoor only parking and no building surveillance cameras, then being part of a neighbourhood watch could still be beneficial.

Crime Videos Of Interest

Two different groups of perpetrators enter cars in same neighbourhood at different times the same night.
Perpetrator entering cars came by car and could live anywhere.


This website is a tool specific to supporting neighbourhood watch programs by:

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What Size Should A Neighbourhood Watch Be?

Regardless of which NW scheme you choose, boundary size should still be the same. The ideal size is the area that you would walk if you were to physically canvas your neighbours to join. This would be somewhere around 100 to 200 houses.

Why is NW size so important?

Also, specific to Neighbourhood Protect:

Cities serviced: newcastle; bowmanville; clarington; newcastle; courtice; oshawa; whitby; ajax; pickering; brooklin; port perry; uxbridge; gta; toronto, scarborough; york region, richmond hill, keswick; peel region, mississauga, oakville, hamilton, vancouver, calgary, edmonton, regina

Improving Neighbourhood Watch Through Automation