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Theft From Vehicle

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Neighbourhood Protect is a free web-based administration and communication tool for neighbourhood watches in Canada .

Since 2016, serving communities across southern Ontario, most recently in Quebec, and growing. Une version française du site est à l'étude.


Waterloo Regional Neighbourhood Watch has announced that after 25 years they will be closing its doors. If anyone from the Kitchener/Waterloo area wishes to continue having a neighbourhood watch, please feel free to have your group join Neighbourhood Protect.

If you know anyone involved in NW living in that area feel free to refer them to this website to help them continue their NW.


Crime mapping is down for several police services that were using crimeplot.com. Some of the police services affected are Brockville, Chatham-Kent, Cobourg, Saugeen Shores, plus others. Crimplot.com has gone out of service and will likely not come back. There are other crime mapping websites available that are currently being used by other police services across Canada. Any police service wanting a list of these services can contact the administrator.

Events Reported By Members
Local Police News
Select your police service to view news:

Police Neighbourhood Watch Training Videos

Neighbourhood watch training videos on what to do and how to better protect yourself. It is recommended that you watch these videos if you plan on joining a neighbourhood watch.

Training Video - Part I
Training Video - Part II
Training Video - Part III
Training Video - Part IV

Safety Tips

See the following safety page for safety tips.

Although most private drone operators view these as toys, there are some safety and privacy concerns that must be respected. Canada has a new law regarding the use of these drones: Drones and the law. Fines go up to $3,000.

Basic Crime Definitions

Robbery: When someone does or tries to steal your property AND assaults or threatens to assault you. ie. A street mugging or a theft from a store where a weapon was shown. Two examples of thefts mislabelled as robberies are finding your house broken into (a Break and Enter) or shoplifting (Theft Under).

Break and Enter: Unauthorized entry into your home/business, closed garage, shed or fully fenced/gated yard and steals or attempts to steal property. Breaking into your car is not a break and enter, just a Theft From Vehicle.

Police Online Crime Reporting Forms

If you see a crime-in-progress, phone 9-1-1. If you discover a crime and the criminal is likely long gone you could use your police service's online crime reporting forms to make a report. No crime is too small, report everything. Certain major crimes such as assault, robbery, break and enter, etc. will require police to attend and cannot be done online or over the phone.

Calgary Police Service

Chatham-Kent Police Service

Durham Regional Police Service

Fredericton Police Force

Guelph Police Service

Halton Regional Police Service

Halifax Regional Police Service

Hamilton Police Service

Kingston Police

Ontario Provincial Police

Ottawa Police Service

Peel Regional Police Service

Regina Police Service

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service - Lost Property
Sault Ste. Marie Police Service - Lost/Stolen Plates
Sault Ste. Marie Police Service - Damage To Property
Sault Ste. Marie Police Service - Damage To Vehicle
Sault Ste. Marie Police Service - Theft From Vehicle
Sault Ste. Marie Police Service - Theft From Vehicle

Toronto Police Service

Vancouver Police Department

Waterloo Regional Police Service

Windsor Police Service

York Regional Police Service

Crime Stoppers

If you see a crime-in-progress, phone 9-1-1. If you suspect criminal activity (ie. drug dealing, prostitution, etc.) in your neighbourhood and wish to report it anonymously then you can use Crime Stoppers. No crime is too small, report everything.


  1. Click on the link below
  2. On their website, click the red Submit A Tip button if on the home page
  3. If on their Tips page, click on By Webtip the grey button to the right
  4. Click on the https://www.tipsubmit.com/ link
  5. Select your country, province, city and police service
  6. Fill in the online form
Crime Stoppers
Direct link to submission form

Website Rules Of Conduct

  1. Posts onto the Events page are strictly regarding neighbourhood safety and property (stolen, found, damaged, etc.).
  2. No social media type posts about gardening, cooking, politics, etc.
  3. No speculation on crime, just observed activities.
  4. No kudos, OMG or other non-informative posts...post only something of value that contributes to the original reported crime.
  5. If you observe a crime, report it to the police before posting it here.
  6. Be respectful of your neighbours.
  7. The neighbourhood captain, liaison officer and website administrator reserve the right to delete any inappropriate posts.


Information collected on this website is for the purpose of administrating neighbourhood watches and may be shared with police services to assist in their investigations. Personal contact information will not be shared with any non-police organizations. General aggregate information may be used to provide stats to public organizations.

There is a variety of hardware such as web hosting, communication lines and power generation that could potentially affect the availability of this website that goes beyond the control of the administrator. As such, there is only up to a 99% guarantee of uptime.


Questions/comments can be directed to admin@neighbourhoodprotect.ca. If you live outside of Canada and would like this tool for your area send an email to discuss.

© All content is the property of the Neighbourhood Protect administrator. You may only copy portions of this website if you provide a link back to this website or acknowledge its source.

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