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Jul 13 (Waterdown-Mountainvi)Fail To Remain
Jul 10 (Scarborough-Birch Clif)Police Post
Jul 09 (Oshawa-downtown)Theft Under
Jun 26 (Freelton-Freelton/S)Suspicious Incident
Jun 05 (Scarborough-Cliffside)Police Post
May 31 (Milton-Dempsey )Theft Of Vehicle
May 08 (Oakville-South West)Mischief
Apr 03 (Old Toronto-Cabbagetow)Police Post
Mar 27 (Scarborough-Brimley)Police Post
Mar 24 (Calgary-Woodcreek )Mischief To Vehicle
Feb 26 (Hamilton-Carpenter)Theft Of Vehicle
Feb 19 (Scarborough-Clairlea B)Police Post
Feb 17 (Courtice-Strathalla)Break & Enter
Jan 29 (St Catherines-Pen Centre)Robbery
Dec 26 (York-Warren-Bab)Assault
Dec 22 (Oshawa-Forest Hil)Break & Enter
Dec 16 (Owen Sound-West River)Theft Under
Dec 15 (Waterdown-Mosaic Dri)Theft Of Vehicle
Dec 04 (Fort Erie-Crescent P)Suspicious Incident
Nov 28 (Scarborough-Dorset Par)Police Post
Nov 27 (Paris -North Pari)Theft Of Vehicle
Nov 10 (Oshawa-Glens)Break & Enter
Nov 09 (Scarborough-Clarilea)Police Post
Oct 25 (Whitby-Westlynde)Break & Enter
Oct 13 (Scarborough-Lord Rober)Police Post
Sep 13 (Scarborough-Guildwood)Police Post
Aug 16 (Ancaster-Meadowland)Theft Of Vehicle
Jul 17 (Pickering-Foxwood )Mischief
Jun 17 (Oshawa-Londonderr)Theft Under
Feb 06 (Scarborough-Maryvale)Police Post
Jan 26 (Grimsby-N Service )Break & Enter
Jan 14 (Hamilton-Strathcona)Mischief To Vehicle
Dec 30 (Hamilton-Thorner)Theft Under
Dec 02 (Welland-Classic Av)Theft Of Vehicle
Nov 29 (London-Hamilton R)Theft Of Vehicle
Nov 25 (Guelph-Eastend Gu)Theft Of Vehicle
Oct 31 (Fort Erie-Murray St)Suspicious Incident
Oct 31 (Hamilton-Landsdale)Break & Enter
Oct 30 (Capreol-Capreol)Theft Under
Oct 24 (Scarborough-Cliffside )Police Post
Oct 22 (Cambridge-Ward 8A)Suspicious Incident
Sep 30 (Whitby-Willow Par)Theft Of Vehicle
Sep 01 (Scarborough-Oakridge)Police Post
Aug 05 (Cambridge-Ward 6A)Suspicious Incident
Aug 02 (Cambridge-Ward 7A)Theft Under
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 Neighbourhood Protect is a free web-based administration and communication tool for neighbourhood watches in Canada that goes beyond what social media offers. We are a community of neighbourhood watches where people try to help people through the sharing of local crime information.

Since 2016, serving communities across southern Ontario, most recently in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and growing.

Key Features:

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Stolen Vehicles

Do you suspect an abandoned vehicle that has been sitting in one spot for a long time might be stolen?
Check CPIC for stolen vehicles. (Requires the VIN)

Are you the victim of a stolen vehicle? One person has reported finding a vehicle that looked identical to theirs for sale on the below Facebook page. Perhaps a vehicle looking like yours may be found here as well.
Vehicles For Sale

If you do find a vehicle that you believe to be yours, feel free to send us an email to track statistics. Include make/model of the vehicle and date/location stolen from.

Website News Alert

2023.05.30: Residents of a GTA community recently completed a survey and concluded Residents not happy with action on neighbourhood crime. You can`t just wait for the police to do everything, people must also be proactive about crime in their neighbourhood and help the police. One way of doing this is neighbourhood watch.

Speakers Corner: Car theft victim says calls to police were ignored. When you report a crime and personally do not have video, then the police must physically canvas your neighbours for video. If they are not home and there is also no contact information for them, then the police must repeatedly return until they make contact, which is extremely time consuming and police might not have time for. Being proactive and having a neighbourhood watch allows police to see what members have cameras and provides them with contact information so they can arrange for video. Some of this responsibility now falls on citizens to help the police.

Notice: Lanark County - Carleton Place
Notice: Wallaceburg Residents

News Archives

Events Reported By Members
Local Police News
Select your police service to view news:

Note: News feeds from Twitter are currently not working as Twitter has disabled external RSS links.
Therefore this section may not display.
Police services that provide RSS feeds continue to work ie. Toronto Police and Durham Regional Police.

Police Neighbourhood Watch Training Videos

Neighbourhood watch training videos on what to do and how to better protect yourself. It is recommended that you watch these videos if you plan on joining a neighbourhood watch.

Training Video - Part I
Training Video - Part II
Training Video - Part III
Training Video - Part IV

Safety Tips

See the following safety page for safety tips.

Home security cameras: Check with your municipality if there are any by-laws. If not, then it is recommended that any backyard cameras do not point into your neighbours yard - just aim your cameras more into your yard and closer to the ground. On the street there is no expectation of privacy. Smartphone cameras, Google Maps, Google Street View and dashcams are everywhere so, adding security cameras is not much different. Try to cover out to the street for perpetrators that come by vehicle. Discuss with your neighbours if they would like you to cover a portion of their front lawn to help with their security. Be a good neighbour and respect their wishes when it comes to their property.
Recent article for the GTA

Interview with a burglar about Break and Enters:

Basic Crime Definitions

Robbery: When someone does or tries to steal your property AND assaults or threatens to assault you. ie. A street mugging or a theft from a store where a weapon was shown. Two examples of thefts mislabelled as robberies are finding your house broken into (a Break and Enter) or shoplifting (Theft Under).

Break and Enter: Unauthorized entry into your home/business, closed garage, shed or fully fenced/gated yard and steals or attempts to steal property. Breaking into your car is not a break and enter, just a Theft From Vehicle.

Police Online Crime Reporting Forms

If you see a crime-in-progress, phone 9-1-1. If you discover a crime and the criminal is likely long gone you could use your police service's online crime reporting forms to make a report. No crime is too small, report everything. Certain major crimes such as assault, robbery, break and enter, etc. will require police to attend and cannot be done online or over the phone.

Barrie Police Service

Brantford Police Service

Calgary Police Service

Chatham-Kent Police Service

Durham Regional Police Service

Fredericton Police Force

Greater Sudbury Police Service

Guelph Police Service

Halton Regional Police Service

Halifax Regional Police Service

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Kawartha Lakes Police

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RCMP Kamloops

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service

Thunder Bay Police Service

Toronto Police Service

Vancouver Police Department

Waterloo Regional Police Service

Windsor Police Service

Woodstock Police Service

York Regional Police Service

Road Conditions

Useful road conditions info in Ontario: Ontario 511 Traveller Information

Crime Stoppers

If you see a crime-in-progress, phone 9-1-1. If you suspect criminal activity (ie. drug dealing, prostitution, etc.) in your neighbourhood and wish to report it anonymously then you can use Crime Stoppers. No crime is too small, report everything.


  1. Click on the link below
  2. On their website, click the red Submit A Tip button if on the home page
  3. If on their Tips page, click on By Webtip the grey button to the right
  4. Click on the https://www.tipsubmit.com/ link
  5. Select your country, province, city and police service
  6. Fill in the online form
Crime Stoppers
Direct link to submission form
Phone 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

New Brunswick Crime Stoppers

Click on the hamburger menu then the Most Wanted link below to see Canada`s most wanted fugitives.
Website Rules Of Conduct

  1. Posts onto the Events page are strictly regarding neighbourhood safety and property (stolen, found, damaged, etc.). Older posts are allowed if providing history to repeat offences.
  2. No provincial/municipal offences such as Highway Traffic Act, Liquor License Act, noise bylaws, etc.
  3. No social media type posts about gardening, cooking, politics, etc.
  4. No speculation on crime, just observed activities. If you check your video and find nothing and reside on the same street as the reported crime, post that nothing was seen on video near you.
  5. No kudos, OMG or other non-informative posts...post only something of value that contributes to the original reported crime.
  6. If you observe a crime, report it to the police before posting it here.
  7. Be respectful of your neighbours.
  8. Do not post people`s names on the website.
  9. Be mindful of the Youth Criminal Justice Act or other laws. If you post a photo of a perpetrator that is later identified as a young person (<18 yrs), please remove the photo.
  10. The neighbourhood captain, liaison officer and website administrator reserve the right to delete any inappropriate posts.


Information collected on this website is for the purpose of administrating neighbourhood watches and may be shared with police services to assist in their investigations. Personal contact information will not be shared with any non-police organizations. General aggregate information may be used to provide stats to public organizations.

There is a variety of hardware such as web hosting, communication lines and power generation that could potentially affect the availability of this website that goes beyond the control of the administrator. As such, there is only up to a 99% guarantee of uptime.

Posts onto this website including images from secuirty video are done by citizen members therefore Neighbourhood Protect and the Administrator are not responsible for the content of those posts. Each member must ensure their posts comply with any Canadian laws (federal, provincial and by-law).

Neighbourhood Signs and Stickers

On multiple occasions people have asked about how to get signs and window stickers. You must contact your local police service directly for this information. Neighbourhood Protect has no sign/sticker program. Also, most police services require around 50% neighbour sign-up before they will endorse your watch. So, before contacting the police, you need to actually build a functioning neighbourhood watch.


Questions/comments can be directed to admin@neighbourhoodprotect.ca. If you live outside of Canada and Sierra Leone and would like this tool for your area send an email to discuss.

- a Facebook page has been set up in the event that this website becomes unvailable due to technical issues which may happen on very rare occassions. Website status updates will be posted on FB then.

© All content is the property of the Neighbourhood Protect admin@neighbourhoodprotect.ca. You may only copy portions of this website if you provide a link back to this website or acknowledge its source.

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